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The Advantages of Having French Bulldogs

In some cases, the smallest things in life can in fact take up a lot of space. But owning a French bulldog is truly something very beneficial. These kinds of dogs have in fact become quite popular due to their versatile temperament.

When you are ever thinking why you need to get a French bulldog, some of the reasons are that French bulldogs are very friendly, and they are also caring and are adorable family additions. They actually enjoy spending quality time with families as well.

There’s however so much more with these dogs. They have amazing characteristics, which is why they are considered to be the most favorite for a lot of homeowners. Pet ownership is actually a big responsibility, but French bulldogs are able to steal your hearts easily and will change your life forever.

Below are some benefits that can be acquired from owning a French bulldog.

Affectionate and Charming

French bulldogs have a very charming personality. They actually attract the attention of everyone and not only with their appearance, but also with the unique noise that they actually make. Another thing is that they are really calm and love cuddles.

Amazing with Children

French bulldogs have friendly characteristics that will help them in coexisting with children really well. Also, they could match the playful temperament of children. Another thing is that they make wonderful playmates for kids and are able to keep everyone entertained.

A French bulldog also doesn’t like to be alone, which is why if you have a child, it will keep them company and both are able to benefit both mentally and emotionally. They also usually don’t show aggression to children, but it’s best to never leave younger children unattended. You also need to make certain that your kids will not be too rough with the dog.

Ideal Apartment Dogs

A French bulldog is in fact ideal for those living in the city or urban families. Due to their small size, they are able to cope perfectly inside small spaces. They likewise don’t need more than fifteen minutes of exercises on a daily basis. You could also exercise them even at home.

Ease on Grooming

With their single short coat, these dogs minimally shed and don’t need haircuts just like other dog breeds. Another thing is that they produce less dander than other dog breeds. They don’t need much grooming as well. Because they are usually just indoors, frequent cleaning and bathing is in fact not needed. Just brushing their hair daily with a rubber brush is actually enough in removing excess hair.

Suitable Companions

A French bulldog is actually bred for the purpose of companionship and also love for the family. They also are very friendly and affectionate and also adores owners. These dogs likewise crave for human attention and their cute face makes them lovable. The things that make French bulldogs ideal dogs to have would be due to their adaptability, temperament and also due to their loving nature.

Unlike other dog breeds, French bulldogs also rarely bark to strangers. They are likewise amazing to have around kids and the elderly as well. They also make good therapy dogs.

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